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tv   Today  NBC  January 2, 2016 7:00am-8:30am CST

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this morning, the manhunt is on for the suspect. and midwest disaster. more levees as deadly floods pushed raging rivers through threatening hundreds of communities. >> our biggest concern is looking out for those who haven't evacuated. >> the national guard now alert as some are urged to take higher ground. fired up.$% the president taking aim at gun violence. >> i get too many letters from parents and teachers and kids to sit around and do nothing. >> heading back to washington and ready to side step congress on the hot button issue of gun control. and bowl game blowouts. a wild day in college football as records fell. >> and will he score on the first play from scrimmage? yes! >> perhaps the biggest surprise is a message for donald trump in the skies above the rose bowl.
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today, saturday, january 2nd, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and welcome to "today" on this saturday morning, the second of 2016. i'm erica hill. >> i'm craig melvin alongside sheinelle jones and dylan dreyer. i have not talked to you since last year. >> you waited all morning to say that. >> did it land the way you wanted? >> no, it never does. let's get to the top story. the massive manhunt for the gunman who opened fire on the bar in tel aviv. killing two people in what people fear is an isis inspired attack. all of it caught on video. nbc's keir simmons has the latest on the suspect. keir, good morning. >> reporter: erica, good morning. police hunting the killer believing he is in the tel aviv
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witnesses say they thought of the parisassacre. candles overnight for the victims of the killer still on the run. a manhunt still on the way this morning. on surveillance camera, young people relax at a bar and dive for cover in fear. a gunman appears firing more than 15 rounds. seconds later, one survivor looks up in horror. around him two are dead. seven people were injured. four in serious condition. >> i'm in shock. i was thinking what is happening? my daughter, she was in the restaurant. i was in shock. >> reporter: more chilling surveillance footage showing the same gunman moments earlier in the grocery store pretending to shop. then he pulls an automatic weapon from the backpack and begins killing. leaving bullet holes and bar
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>> it was like all were dead. >> israeli media believe this could be the first isis inspired attack. one new yorker visiting israel says most are not frightened. but this morning, detectives still hunt the man who both hands gripping his weapon were so determined to kill. and tel aviv's mayor called it a terrorist attack motivated by nationalism. other reports say police are not ruling out a criminal motive. 2015 was scarred by terrorism around the world. erica, it looks like 2016 may not see an end to the violence. witnesses say the shooter was smiling. >> so disturbing. keir, thank you. here at home, the situation is dire in the midwest this morning. deadly flooding and record setting river levels are threatening homes in southern
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on friday, two more levees failed and the national guard was activated i i illinois with some residents urged to move to higher ground. national correspondent miguel almaguer is on the front lines in valley park, missouri. miguel, good morning. >> craig, good morning. three major are rivers responsible for triggering this devastation. some dropping up to eight feet a day. the problem, all of the water is headed right down river. >> some houses with flooding in and around the area. >> reporter: it is moving at a volume and rate few have seen before. after swallowing homes, the mississippi river is now pushing downstream at ten times the speed of niagara falls. late next week, it reaches memphis. before it does. >> there are a lot of dangers. >> reporter: this u.s. coast guard team is helping to patrol
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looking for anyone in trouble. >> our biggest concern is loloing out for those who haven't evacuated and making sure that they don't need our assistance. >> reporter: the widespread flooding across the midwest still threatens 9 million people after claiming seven lives and two missing. the governor of illinois i i hard hit alton has the national guard standing by ready to deploy. >> we he communication equipment and sand bags and other supplies to support local first responders. >> reporter: for many, help comes too late. small cities taking the biggest punch. arnold, missouri, an estimated 150 homes here under water. for those like dan crawford, this is anything but a happy new year.
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a muddy mess is what we got. intentionntentionn tensions are high. >> reporter: the good news, the water is recedeingreceding. eureka, missouri three days ago and this weekend. and this torrent is headed south. with it, a new threat. in cities downstream like memphis, the surge of water will arrive next week. the flood threat will be moderate, but the question is will the levees across that area hold. craig. >> we hope so. miguel, thank you. the rains that caused the flooding in the midwest are viewed as a godzilla el nio. dylan has more on it. this is serious. not a joke. >> this is one of the biggest el nios on record. when you have the warmer temperatures, the air holds more moisture. we see rain through the south that we would likely see in the
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i want to break down an el nio. warmer than average temperatures in parar of the equator. the ex-pans of water is two more times the size. this disrupts the weather patterns across the world. especially the united states. a wetter and stormier pattern across the south. a stormier pattern out west. warmer temperatures across the northeast. breaking it down. out west, the wettest december on record in portland. 25 to 50 inches of snow in the sierra. that is 115% above average. that will continue for at least the next month. down across the south, you have the jet stream that pumps in the warmer temperatures and moisture. we had 23 deaths from tornadoes in the month of december alone. the second most ever for december. it is also the wettest december in cities like st. louis.
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norfolk, virginia and through detroit. we will see temperatures stay above average for the next several weeks. that could lead to more ice storms than snow storms as teuperatures don't get all that much below freezing. that could be the pattern we see through this january. these are all trends and patterns. you can still get a major snowstorm in the northeast. the trend is for this type of set up. >> all right. thank you, dylan. to hawaii now. where president obama is enjoying the last day of his holiday vacation. on monday, he is expected to meet with attorney general loretta lynch to talk about stopping gun violence by taking executive action. nbc's ron allen is joining us from honolulu. ron, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, craig. the president is called the inability to stop mass shootings the biggest frustration of his time in office. now that congress is not willing
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the president is looking at the powersrsf hiss office, to take matters in his own hands. >> we will remember the third anniversary of newtown. i will remember gabby giffords. >> reporter: putting the gun violence at the list of unfinished business. >> the amendment is not agreed. >> reporter: criticizing congress for failing to pass a bill three years ago to make background checks for gun purchases almost universal. >> since then, tens of thousands have been mowed down by gun violence. >> reporter: now the president is expected to try to use executive authority to do what congress won't. closing the so called gun show and online loophole that allows sales without background checks. and perhaps stopping people on the terror watch list not allowed to fly on airplanes from buying guns. gun enthusiasts say that is an
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>> the president is clearly overreaching because the law is very clear as to who can and who cannot transact the firearm sale. >> reporter: but in the final year and after consoling the nation anguished more than a dozen times after mass shootings, the president seems determined to take the gun lobby on. >> this is tough politically. the president did not get elected to work on the simple issues. >> reporter: also on the agenda, especially since paris and san bernardino, keeping america safe and defeating isis. enforcing the nuclear deal and finally closing guantanamo bay. first up, guns. >> because i get too many letters from parents and teachers and kids to sit around and do nothing. >> reporter: we expect to learn more of what the president will propose on monday after meeting with the attorney general. members of his administration have been working on for months
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college shooting that left ten dead. craig. >> ron, it will likely be a fair amount of political opposition. what can republicans do to stop him? >> reporter: well, court. i think that is the main answer. obviously this is an emotional issue. lines are drawn. a lot of comparisons madeto, for example,e,o change the immigration laws through executive action. the gun issue is likely to end up in court. these are legacy issues for the president. issues he feels strongly about. they may not be civil by the time he leaves office. >> ron allen in hawaii. thank you. turning to the developing story with a tense situation in the arab world after a shi'ite cleric was killed overnight. >> saudi arabia announced executions that could spark new protests.
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is a shi'ite cleric. he was a protesters part of the arab spring. it is feared his death could ignite unrest. dubai investigators are looking into the cause of a fire that kept a major hotel smoldering into the new year. the flames forced hundreds to flee, including a photographer who gave nbc news an inside look at the struggle to get out. as he joined firefighters walking down 48 floors to safety. police in utah released a taser incident of a man threatening his home. this video may be disturbing. a man with a machete and blowtorch. after the taser, flames were set by the suspect. the 36-year-old man was eventually pulled from the house which was destroyed by the fire.
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interest in the air at this year's rose parade in pasadena. thousands watching the floats suddenly turned to the sky. "america is great" and "trump is disgusting." turns out it was paid for by supporter of his rival marco rubio. the rose bowl. stanford running back mccaffrey scored on the first play. the cardinal beat the hawkeyes 45-16. the other bowl games to start the year, ohio state beat notre dame in the fiesta bowl. and we won't talk about what happened to northeastern. finally ringing out the old
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a family in san diego welcomed twins born in dififrent years. one girl was born 11:59 and the boy was born at 12:01. every year, they will have separate birthday parties back-to-back. they also have a toddler. they are in my world. we thought that would happen. separate cakes and separate days. fast forward to last year, separate cakes and took the candle off. you blow. >> a sign of the times. >> good luck with that. sheinelle, thank you. >> dylan dreyer has the check of the forecast. >> although we have not seen rain in the midwest, we are looking at thelooding as an issue throuou missouri and arkansas. all the water continues to flow into the mississippi. other than that, we are really not seeing a lot going on. we have dry conditions out west, through the rockies and midwest
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except formeteorologist t n demers. our first day of 2016 was brighter and warmer than what we've been seeing as sioux city made it into the 30s for the first time in the past six days. temperatures will cool a bit tonight with lows going into the single digits for many of us although we should rebound into the low 30s again tomorrow with another day of a lot of sunshine. your forecast brought to you by knova's carpets, siouxland's largest shaw flooring center. iowa fans react to today's rose bowl loss at . and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you. hollywood's biggest names went to twittero rememberatalie cole who died at age 65. blake mccoy has a look back at her life and career. this will be an everlasting love >> her stardom instant.
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drawing comparisons to aretha franklin. a string of hit for her, daughter of crooner nat king cole. >> i feel like i earned the spot next to my dad. not in front of him. not behind him. next to him. >> reporter: the '70s brought success, but '80s brought struggle. addiction to heroin and crack cocaine. forcing her into rehab. it was during the period, she believed she contracted hepatitis c and health problems and kidney transplant late in life. >> i had to face myself. >> reporter: cole found sobriety and rebounded with this in the '80s with this iconic moment. unforgettable >> reporter: a duet with her
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"unforgettable" shot to number one as cole sang her father's hit. she would continue recording new music into the very end. >> she was able to honor her father and pay homage to him, but forge her career as a solo artist which a lot of folks can't do. >> reporter: outside the capitol records bubuding, her name is etched in the hollywood walk of fame. >> it is a loss for the music indust. she had great talents. >> reporter: natalie cole, daughter of the legend with a voice that bridged generations. truly unforgettable. for "today," blake mccoy, nbc news, los angeles. >> that album he referenced is absolutely fantastic. >> instant classic. >> she will be missed. back in a moment. but first this is "today" on
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unforgettable in every way paris: there's a lot to do on a dairy farm. nobody's gonna do it for you. you have to get out therer and do it yourself. bernie sanders is a well-known friend of family farms. bernie cannot be bought out by big money. bernie's opinion cannot be purchased. it's time for our next president to get in there, roll up his sleeves, take off the gloves, and take on wall street, take on big business, take on big money, and get the working class back to where they should be. he's a rock.
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back now on this first saturday of the new year with a look back at 2015. some would call it the year of 15 minutes of fame. a lot of moments. >> from the rights of civil rights activists to the dentist who killed a beloved on. they became household names in an instant to disappear from the spotlight. where are they now? >> are you african-american? >> i don't understand the question. >> in june, rachel dolezal was outed as a white woman. after being widely panned apparent vilified. she resigned from her job. she feared she is pregnant with a third baby boy on the way. we are not issuing marriage licenses today.
7:20 am
clerk kim davis refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. she had a secret meeting with pope francis. she continues to fight lawsuits from gay and straight couples. davis told the ap, if i could be remembered for one thing. it is i was not afraid to compromise myself. >> to capture two inmates in a bren break. >> and questions around joyce mitchell. >> the new york prison seamstress was sentenced to seven years for helping two convicted killers escape from the correctional facility. >> i knew i was in way over my head. >> she was ordered to pay $80,000 in restitution. >> i'm not the monster. >> the death of cecil the lion ignited controversy around the world. >> walter palmer, the
7:21 am
faced death threats for killing a beloved lion in zimbabwe. he said quote, if i had known the lion had a name and was important to the country or study, obviously i would not have taken it. > i brought something to school that wasn't a ththat. >> in september, 14-year-old muhammad brought a clock to a school which some thought was a bomb. ahmed received a flood of support. since then, he moved to qatar where he was awarded a full scholarship to college. for others, a tough 15 minutes of fame. sheinelle, thanks. >> when we come back, wouldn't it be great if you could wave a wand and get rid of certain annoying words or phrases from the english language?
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>> a group at lake superior state in lake michigan has more on that. dylan has more on that from the orange room. >> the professors at the college are saying enough is enough. the school released its 41st annual list of words or phrases to banish. they accept thousands of submissions. let's look at some of the words. the rst, craig, man spreading. >> i do like to man spread. i do. >> this word is tmi. this is especially familiar for those of us in bigger cities. men take up more space on public transportation. they spread their legs encroaching on the other seats. the term is stupid and men don't need another word to justify their disgusting habit. another casualty. vape and vaping. the university says it is a strange word and it should go up in smoke. i agree. guys, a lot of people in our business use thihi
7:23 am
it is never just a nice calm conversationcon conversation conversation. and break the internet. this is when a site gets massive amounts of traffic. we will not say that one anymore. and secret sauce. i have not heard of it. it is used in a a sentence for a secret in detail. the phrase is frequent in business discussions. there was another one on there. "so." that is my crutch word. so. i always say so. >> what is your crutch? flake. >> it used to be well. i got rid of. i would say well -- >> we could add to that list. exponentially. there are a lot of those. >> we will make lists in the break. >> we shouldn't. still to come on "today," a look at the week's biggest stories from donald trump
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star peyton manning hiring a staffer and taking a spin with signeinfeld seinfeld, days after the paris attacks, senators came together for a top-secret briefing on the terrorist threat... marco rubio was missing - fundraising in california instead. two weeks later, terrorists struck again in san bernardino... and where was marco? fundraising again in new orleans. over the last 3 years, rubio has missed important national security hearings
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politics first: that's the rubio way. right to rise usa
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guest today is jean logan, she's the executive director with the community action agency of siouxland here in sioux city. what we're talking about today jean is an important program, the low income home energy assistance program. liheap is what most people know it by. there are two key changes to this program that people will need to be aware of. that's true. those changes mean that there will be close to 6,000 families in woodbury county alone that will now be eligible for this program. i appreciate you having me on today. the firsrschange is that the income guidelines moved from 150% of the federal poverty level up to 175%. if you had applied last year and you were really close to getting energy assistance but you didn't quite make it, this year you will want to make sure you apply. the second change is that the state of iowa in their p pn
7:27 am
included a way for families that have undocumented members that reside in the home to be able to apply for this program and they will prorate the share. we still need everybody's income that's in the household. to that point we would ask that people call and make an appointment. there's a lot of documentatio n, a lot of paperwork they're going to need to bring. is that simply a walk in situation? we have to have your energy bill, your income, your social security number for every member in the household. there's a lot of information that we need. we want to make sure when you come in that you only have to do that one time. the information that you need is on our website, we also tell you that when you caca for an appointment.. here are the numbers you can call 712-274-1610 or 800-352-3725. jean thanks for joining us. thank you so much for having me, i appreciate it. thanks for joining us around siouxland. my guest today is my good friend
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i like the hand hanging over the wheel. >> yeah. if you are driving a 'vette, you have to do it that way. you can't do the 12 and 2 thing.
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was two minutes ago. >> president obama showing his comedic chops with the corvette can jerry seinfeld in the series "comedians in cars getting coffee." we will have more with that interview in a moment. we're back on the first saturday morning of 2016. it is january 2nd. look at the brave bundled up on the plaza. we will get out in a bit to help them ring in the new year. that is the first time the president's been behind a wheel of a car in a long time. >> that and another jerry seinfeld had on sneakers. i cannot imagine going to o e white house with sneakers. >> jerry canan do it. we will get to those stories in a moment. here is what is making headlines. homes in missouri and illinois are being threatened by swollen rivers as water levels keep
7:30 am
two more levees failed friday. tributes pouring in for singer natalie cole who died thursday at age 65. the grammy winning daughter of nat king cole gained acclaimed in 1991 rerecording his classic. and mccaffrey led the team to a win with a score of 45-16. we have the check of the weather with dylan dreyer on the plaza. >> january is here and it is cold outside. i want to say hello to someone who is or is not watching. it is recording. >> hi, daddy. >> where is he right now? >> in africa. >> on the "uss gravely?" >> yes. >> thank you for your service. let's look at the weather. it is colder. cold enough for lake-effect snow
7:31 am
we will see higher accumulations near watertown. we could have isolated higher amounts. along lake erie, 2 to 4 inches. not a big event, but thenow is falling. it will be very chilly across the northeast down through the mid-atlantic where temperatures will sink in the 30s in charleston by monday. 35 for the high. in new york city, monday, a high of 31 degrees. we haven't been below freezing yet in new york city. that will feel different. we have rain today through southern texas and northern florida. the rest of the country, besides the lake-effect snow, it is chilly, but it will be sunny.meteorologist ron demers. our first day of 2016 was brighter and warmer than what we've been seeing as sioux city made it into the 30s for the first time in the past six days. temperatures will cool a bit tonight with lows going intohe single digits for many of us although we should rebound into the low 30s again tomorrow with another day of a lot of sunshine. your forecast brought to you by
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siouxland's largest shaw flooring center. iowa fans react to today's rose bowl loss at and that's your latest forecast. guys. >> dylan, thank you. now for "the download." our time to wrap up the week's biggest stories. >> while many of us may have been in a holiday stupor enjoying time off, the world kept up spinning. let's get a quick look at the week that was. >> extreme weather impacting much of the country. >> this morning, weather whiplash from tornadoes to floods to blizzards. devastating the southwest and midwest. >> at least nine confirmed tornadoes touching down in texas. destruction spanning nearly 40 miles near dallas. >> there's houses torn up everywhere. >> the mississippi, the missouri and meramec rivers are raging.
7:33 am
neighborhoods are torn apart. at least 21 in the area are dead. >> in politics, donald trump continues to dominate the republican field. now looking past his gop contenders this week and targeting potential general election rival hillary clinton. >> she's playing the woman's card. it's like give me a break. >> unloading on clinton's secret weapon. former president bill clinton. >> there were certainly a lot of abuse of women. you look at monica lewinsky or paula jones. >> in sports, peyton manning forced to defend himself against allegations in a documentary over performance enhancing drugs. >> monday, manning hired ari fleischer to help control the controversy. they are reviewing the al jazeera and weighing the
7:34 am
the claims of hgh from the guyer institute. and the man once known as america's father is charged with sexual assault over a 2004 even counter with a former employee. >> he felt out of place in the small courthouse in pennsylvania. bill cosby, once known as america's favorite dad, arrived to counts of sexual assault. the first time he has ever been criminally charged. unprecedented security for the times square celebration. >> the ball is ready for the revelers who will pack into times square this new year's eve. joining them is 6,000 nypd officers and anti-terror force. >> the revelry around the times square and around the world went off without incident.
7:35 am
in cars getting coffee" debuted with president obama. >> don't you think every american child says you grow up loving the president? >> i do really well with the 0 to 8 demographic. >> really? >> yeah. partly because they think my ears are big and i look a little like a cartoon character. >> that is hilarious. >> it is funny. >> 0 to 8. >> how did you spend your new year? >> with good friends who come over with their kids. we lay low. >> i went to bed at 6:42. >> 6:42 this year. >> i was trying to have a rested new year's day. my husband sent me a picture. they hit the town. they had rattlers and lights. picture pictures of them on the train. mommy was sleeping. >> are they home yet?
7:36 am
my husband requested all foods that were round. pepperoni and meatballs. >> how about you? >> we had dinner at 8:45. we were home by 10:30. >> we are a rocking good time. >> i tell you what, the morning shift win. >> we are getting old. let's be real. >> not in a bad way. just ahead here, from the old bunch, the first photo of lamar odom since being hospitalized since the drug overdose. and how celebrities sharing how they spent their new year's. but first these messages. phil! oh no... (under his breath) hey man! hey peter. (unenthusiastic) oh... ha ha ha! joanne? is that you? it's me... you don't look a day over 70. am i right? jingle jingle. if you're peter pan, you stay young forever. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. you make me feel so young... it's what you do.
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nicoderm cq. we are in the age of ageless. age neutral. age defiant. age agnostic. olay is a purveyor of ageless. only the best 1% of ingredients make it into our products. for transformed skin without expensive brands or procedures. it's the ultimate beauty victory. nobody has any idea how old you are. with olay, you age less. you can be ageless. olay. ageless. back on this saturday morning. with a little trending to kick off the ar. the start of every year, there is a resolutions. the google has the list of the most googled resolutions. number one, how to get rid of
7:40 am
number two, how to make kale chips. number three, how much water should i drink to lose weight. and how to write a resignation or recommendation letter. a lot of people maybe making healthy eating or lifestyle changes for the year. we are talking about whether any of us? >> none of us do resolutions. >> i try to keep something in mind. a couple years ago, it was clutter. all my e-mail passwords. it kind of works. >> that is a good way to do it. >> i did make a resolution last year to try to be more present and not get so caught up in this. >> did it work? >> no. >> there is always 2016. >> i will not set myself up for disappointment this year. >> i didn't make a resolution, but i did google how to change a doorknob. i opened the doorknob to get out of the apartme and it fell off. >> you did that here once. we kind of -- >> that happened here, too.
7:41 am
i looked it up. the explanation was so difficult. i called a locksmith. >> we googled how do penguins swim. we watched penguins swimming. >> how did you know that? >> i googled it. >> come on. >> do you know? >> it is just like this. right through the water. all right. the popstart. how celebrities rang in 2016 and "star wars" takes in titanic numbers at the box office. first "popstart" of 2016. >> i don't know what this is. >> it is trending. >> first up, i'm out of time now. we have the full round of some of the celebrities. newly weds sofia and joe shared this moment before the ball dropped. david and victoria beckham celebrated with their four kids
7:42 am
and john legend and wife chrissy shared a night in morocco. and finally, the first look at lamar odom since his hospitalization in october. thanks to a picture his son posted saying, thanks, here's to 2016. and a new year and a new record broken. "the force awakens" brought in an estimated $687 million. making it the second highest grossing film of all time domestically before it was number two "titanic" and on the highest grossing film of "avatar" which brought in $690 million. >> we are going for a third time. >> you will put them over the top. >> i'm slightly obsessed with it. >> i would say completely obsessed.
7:43 am
>> am i the only loser that hadn't seen it yet? >> i don't know i would use the "l" wowo. >> i can't remember the last movie i have seen. maybe we should. when we come back, we are switching things up here. we like to bring you in for the plaza fan of the day. well, this wasn't our idea. one of our producers thought it would be a greatat idea to ask us questions. >> c cld be awful. >> slightly nervous. first these messages. to the woman in the mid-90's showstopper... you're right. it's time to set this bird free. hot blooded, check it and see... got a fever of 103... feelin' hungry? how 'bout a donut? i'm hot blooded..i'm hot blooded! whether it's 30-years old or 30-days old, carmax will appraise it in as little as 30 minutes. and then your only concern will be how to spend the cash.
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we're back on saturday morning with today's plaz an fans of the day. we have there they are. sorry. >>e were with you. >> we've got this new segment we're going to have our plaza fans of the day. ask us a question. we don't know what the question is. so i'm going to let you ask it. see how this goes. >> you are being granted one wish for 2016. you captain say more wishes. >> ladies first. >> no. i think he should go first.
7:47 am
>> i have an answer. you think. i should wish for world peace and health and all that for you know everyone. but i'm a little selfish now we're trying to sell our apartment so i'm hoping we sell our apartment. >> i like that. >> what would you wish for? >> i would wish for the ability for my family. >> i was going to say serenity. it's chaotic. if i can just all the time. yeah. >> i wish for -- but i wish for health and happiness. >> not cheesy at all. >> thank you, guys. >> now i don't like my answer. >> very selfish. >> it's not. >> we'll bring you serenity, some stability. and bring you health and happiness. >> your wishes. here, have a candle. >> i want money. >> thanks for being honest. guys, thank you so much. i like this new segment. how to set up the perfect
7:48 am
why you need to get this done before tomorrow. first, this is "today" on nbc.his done before tomorrow.
7:49 am
nbc. still to come on "today," what lawyers for bill cosby's accusers hope to uncover now the comedian's wife is forced to testify. an open carry law in the ne star state. we will look at that. t first this is "today" on nbc. coughing...sniffling... and wishing you could stay in bed all day. when your cold is this bad... need new theraflu expressmax. theraflu expressmax combineses. maximum strength medicines available without a prescription...
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7:53 am
connect from behind the desk. it's 8:00. here are the stories we are watching.a dire situation this morning in the midwest as swollen rivers top failing levees there.
7:54 am
security some homeowners are urged to seek higher ground. and al qaeda released a new video featuring donald trump. the clip features the candidate's pledge to keep muslims out of the community. and bill cosby prepares to testify in a civil suit after losing a legal battle. today, saturday, january 2nd, 2016. >> and good morning. welcome back to "today" on a saturday morning. we have a fantastic crowd. >> we do. >> fantastic crowd on the plaza. some birthdays. it is cold. >> it is chilly. >> a little chilly. >> i'm used to it. there is an adjustment period we did not get in december. >> we will get it in january.
7:55 am
>> a lot to get to this the material uses part of the republican presidential candidate's comments that he wanted a shutdown of muslims entering the country until government officials could figure thing out. the midwest is still struggling with massive flooding with crests heading to many communities dunnownstream. we have more from missouri. miguel, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, we're not far outside of st. louis. and you see many of the intersections are still flooded. that's affecting many of the major roadways. now the water is receding, but there has been some significance damage across this area. we want to show you what the damage looks like from above. more than 150 homes it's believed have been completely destroyed. many are still under water this morning. at least 24 people are dead. another two are still missing. certainly some bad news for smaller neighborhoods that have been hit hard by the flooding here. all of this water is on the move. it's moving at ten times the
7:56 am
mostly now through the mississippi river, headed downstream toward smaller cities all across the region. so teams like the coast guard are keeping a very close eye more than 500 nautical miles across this region, making sure levees are safe and that anyone who may be trapped or stranded has a rescue. it's going to be a tense day, tense moments the next 24 to 48 hours. most of the damage has been done, and water is moving downstream. >> thank you. in allentown, pennsylvania, a search has been underway overnight for a missing 5-year-old boy with autism. jalil vega is believed to be alone in this neighborhood not far from the lehigh river. rescuers with helicopters and bloodhound raced to pick up his scent as the temperatures dipped below freezing overnight. jahlil's second night on his own. the 5-year-old suffers from autism. he apparently walked out of a
7:57 am
eve without a coat, shoes, or socks. >> we was downstairs, and he left out of nowhere. >> reporter: police are asking citizens to check hidden spaces for the boy but not to approach him. >> generally afraid of people. so we're asking people that if you were to come across him, that you do not call out his name, you don't yell to him. just call us so we can get there as quickly as possible and try secure him. >> reporter: while some children with autism are known to run, jahlil's family says it's not like him to warned away. they -- to wander away. they hope he's in a warm place. >> i don't know what he's going through. i'm scared that something happened. >> there was an encouraging sign friday afternoon when one of the search dogs seemed to pick up a scent, but nothing yet. searchers say they'll keep on until the boy is found. in mexico, affluenza teen ethan couch has hired a lawyer to fight extradition to the u.s. couch won a delay in his
7:58 am
violations stemming from the u.s. case. in it, it was alleged his affluent life kept him from understanding right from wrong. it's also reported that while in mexico, couch was seen at a strip club, and that his mother paid his tab there. finally, it could be a very happy new year for anyone with the right numbers. here we go. the drawing for powerball tonight has so far risen to $334 million. that's the 12th highest jackpot. if you're really lucky, you com combine that with the winning from the mega millions, you could win half a billion. good luck. >> i wanted to sell my apartment. you wanted -- >> last time i checked, they give you money for selling your apartment. >> you don't have to worry about selling it. >> for half a billion, either one of you, if you win, you should share. >> yes. absolutely. >> i would share. and i would not be here tomorrow -- actually, i would be here, but with a different attitude. >> wow. >> let's get another check of the forecast.
7:59 am
you're digging yourself into right now. we've got rain through southern texas. it's heavy in some areas. the yellows indicating the heavier rain. you see it extends over the gulf of mexico, and we have spotty showers in northern florida. here is the setup as we go through this weekend. we are going to see the rain continue through the south, and then eventually get heavy through central and northern florida. more or less showers today through florida. then heavier rain with up to one to two inches of rain possible. a break today, but the area will low pressure will bring more rain instead of to the pacific northwest, more to california, and los angeles seeing rain. we're also looking for snow in the higher elevations and could see perhaps up to a foot of snow areas. we're also looking at rain through phoenix, up to a half inin possible. san francisco could see up to a half inch to an inch of rain. elsewhere, though, high pressure is in control. it's chilly in some areas and in the northeasmeteorologist ron demers. our first day of 2016 was brighter
8:00 am
seeing as sioux city made it into the 30s for the first time in the e st six days. temperatures will cool a bit tonight with lows going into the single digits for many of us although we should rebound into the low 30s again tomorrow with another day of a lot of sunshine. your forecast brought to you by knova's carpets, siouxland's largest shaw flooring center. iowa fans react to today's rose bowl loss at and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you. >> bill cosby's wife is set to be deposed as early as next week. nbc's christine dahlgren has more. >> reporter: after a year of standing by her man, camille cosby will be deposed by lawyers
8:01 am
or assaulted them. >> she has information about his sexual proclivities and encounters and consensual or otherwise with women. his use of quaaludes. >> reporter: the women are suing in court saying cosby publicly denied their claims. they are among more than 50 who allege some form of sexual misconduct. camille cosby was absent in court this week when her husband was charged with aggravated indecent assault. her statement more a year ago. the man who i met and fell in love with is the man you know through his work. she is the mother of his five children and also his business manager. >> they may be looking for business records or checks paid out through the business. knowledge of when and where he was and when he was supposed to be. >> reporter: cosby as repeatedly
8:02 am
counter suing the seven women for defamation. >> i believe when you separate what happens in the court of law from what is happening in the court of public opinion, you will get an outcome of justice. >> reporter: he broke his silence days before his wife faces questions. for "today," kristen dahlgren, nbc news, new york. gun owners in texas are facing new rights because it is okay to carry a gun in holster in public. here is nbc's jacob rascon with more. [ no audio ] >> obviously, we're having problems with that story. we'll try to get that to you in a bit. ahead, did you know that
8:03 am
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8:06 am
!k we apologize for the technical difficulties a few minutes ago. as i mentioned, gun owners in texas can now carry a oldster. the change for everyone is not welcome for everyone in the state. here is nbc's jacob rascon. >> reporter: it is about time many texans with handguns with hip holsters are allowed in
8:07 am
>> i don't have to worry about hiding anything. allows quicker access. >> reporter: texas is one of the last states to legalize it. the 45th with some form of handgun open carry. at a gun range in lewisville, texas, gun owners are ready for the privilege, if most say they don't plan to use it. >> people are walking down the mall with an open gun. the people will look at them differently. >> reporter: under the new law, no additional paper work, training or fee is required for them. a conceal carry permit now doubles as an open carry permit. >> tell us how to comply. >> reporter: law enforcement across the state, ready for a spike in 911 calls for those unfamiliar with the law, largely oppose it according to the survey by the texas police chiefs association. >> tell us how to comply with the law.
8:08 am
weapons. >> reporter: businesses may ban open carry and larry phillips who authored the law says it is a matter of convenience. >> the real question is for those that are out hunting, working in the rural areas. >> reporter: then there's campus carry going to effect in august, allowing concealed handguns at universities with some exceptions. >> no reason for them to come with a gun. >> reporter: opposed by many students, faculty and others across the state. open carry and campus carry, the gun friendly lone star state now even friendlier. for "today," jacob rascon, nbc news, dallas. >> jacob, thank you. erica, over to you. craig, thank you. along with eating better and losing weight, finding love is a top resolution. especially for the more than 107 million singles. according to, tomorrow is the busiest day for online
8:09 am
smart dating academy in chicago. nice to have you here. >> nice to be here. >> a lovely way to start your year would be, of course, with finding love. break it down by age. let's start with the 20 somethings. where should they be looking? >> definitely look at dating apps. our favorites are hinge, bumble and tinder. those are free and you need a smartphone. you can be on it tomorrow. >> what's amazing, i've only heard of one of those. what about men and women in 30s 40s? >> a lot of engagements and many happen in the age bracket with that is our favorite pick. >> still ahead of the pack. what about people in 50s or above? >> eharmony or it specializes in singles that are 50-plus. >> does it help you weed out so you're getting more who you're going after, more tailored? >> yes, yes. >> when it comes to putting your profile together, your picture is 90% of the success.
8:10 am
>> oh, look at that. the first thing you need to do is to get prepared is make sure photos are in shape. you need a great mixture of head shots and body shots. head shots looking directly at the camera and body shots, head to knee or head to toe. >> dress your success? >> absolutely. don't think you are trying too hard. here are before and after shots. a guy with sunglasses and old t-shirt. a woman casual. dress to impress, the full body shots. she literally broke the internet when we put her on. she already found love. >> and nobody else is in the pictures. >> you and only you. no pets. no kids. people know you have friends. you don't have to have tons of friends. it's you and only you. >> what about your actual profile? what should we say when we are trying to introduce ourselves? >> you want to stand out with fun facts about yourself. in addition to that, if you are
8:11 am
bungee jump or hike. those are one to two sentence stories. >> and you should always have a plan. this plan should include a spreadsheet? >> you can absbsutely have a spreadsheet. like anything big in life, you have to have a plan. for tomorrow, pick one to two sites or apps. put 30 to 60 minutes in. say you will connect with five people. you have to have a plan. >> you say answer emails within 24 hours? >> absolutely. this game moves fast. you cannot wait around five days because you are busy. if somebody e-mails you that is interesting. get on and e-mail back right away. >> i love this tip. for dating safely, you say don't ever give out your phone number. use google voice. >> it is free. you can set it up in five minutes. it is an internet-based phone number that leads to your cell phone. that way if you go out on a date
8:12 am
text you at 3:00 a.m. several times, you disable google voice. >> i kind of like this. and make sure you're always on the phone before the date? >> that is a good point. don't go from text to e-mail to the date. you can build a connection with people on the phone. and crazy people cannot keep crazy in the closet for more than ten minutes. a quick ten-minute conversation will absolutely weed it out. >> i like that thinking. something you should never do. you started to touch on this. don't get caught in an e-mail relationship. >> nothing text or e-mail. if somebody doesn't want to talk on the phone or go out on the date, put them to the back of the line. you are out there to find love. not have a penpal. >> you recommend not corresponding with anybody too negative or too sexual. >> people show us who they are. it's up to us to believe them. even if they look super cute or the profile reads negatively or talking about what they don't want or it is critical, just say no. >> this last one surprised me.
8:13 am
i thought that was good? >> we teach this at the dating academy. we think butterflies are excitement and interest. what they are is your gut saying there's danger up ahead, will robinson, run. it is fear and anxiety. >> my butterflies turned out well 15 years ago. dave, you're still doing great. i love these. these are such great tips. okay. we have 24 hours to get ready. tomorrow is the day to find love. >> 8:52 p.m. eastern is the busiest moment. >> right before you are starting to watch "downton abbey." >> right. >> nice to see you, thank you. we'll be right back, but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:14 am
this is "today" on nbc. it was a fun first saturday. >> that's going to do it for this saturday. tomorrow on "today," a bucket
8:15 am
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my guest today is dawn snyder from the dorothy pecaut nature center. we're talking about a couple of different things: one, winter trail hiking or snow shoeing if we get enough snow for it, and also a great project to put stuff on those trails. let's talk about the snow shoeing and hiking first because that is a great activity that can be done all year round. we hope people will recreate not hibernate this winter. with the 40 degrees it's not hard to recreate but when we're getting sub zero temps. if we get enough snow we do have snow shoes available to rent at the dorothy pecaut nature center. it's a great activity to try. we do need a minimum of four inches before we will let those go out the door. we also have some events scheduled with snow shoeing on january 13th you can try snow shoeing at 1 if there's enough snow. we will have a hike if there's not enough snow, we'll still go out on a walk. that's something you
8:20 am
out. fyi, it is a no school day for sioux city schools so you could get the kids out the door and come out to the nature center get some extra energy out so that's a possibility. once you get past christmas people think what do i do with my christmas tree. why not send it to the dorothy pecaut nature center because you guys can use it too. we can. we love to have those trees delivered to us. we chip them and then distribute them on our trail so we have a mulch and a nice base and the great aroma that they create. smells so good. we don't want any stand, we don't want any ornaments, we don't want them in bags and that kind of thing because it gets in the chipper. drop them off by january 10th. please. if you want more information about any of the programs that we talked about 712-258-0838 or go to their website dawn, thanks for joining us. thank you. thanks for joining us
8:21 am
- welcome to lazy town a place where you'll want to stay you'll meet robbie with his rotten plan and sportacus saving the day go go go get up lazy town it's the start of a brand new day things are upside down here in lazy town
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